Scout as Human Fly in Wellies!
Human Fly in Wellies

Welcome to 1st North Fambridge Sea Scouts. We are a small but perfectly formed Scout troop based in rural Essex by the river Crouch.
We meet weekly to do Scouty things and enjoy ourselves.

If you are aged between six and fourteen and live somewhere in the area you are welcome to come along and see if you fit in. The only requirements are a willingness to get on with others, try new things and enjoy yourself!


Why Sea Scouts?

Sea scouts deliver the scouting Everyday Adventure experience with an emphasis on water based activities. In recent years for a number of reasons we had to reduce this element of our programme, but the good news is that it is now back! We have been canoeing, sailing, swimming, rowing, scuba diving etc if it involves getting wet and having fun it will feature somewhere in the programme.

What Have We Been up to Recently?

What Sea Scouts do:

  • Argued without Fighting
  • Ate a pyramid
  • Bobbed for Apples
  • Braved a Maze of Terror
  • Breakfasted Together
  • Built a Bridge and Crossed it
  • Built a Flag Pole
  • Camped in a Field
  • Cheered a Unicorn
  • Chosen a Troop Name
  • Climbed the Climbing Wall
  • Climbed Wobbly Ladder
  • Cooked on a Fire
  • Discovered the History of our Hall
  • Driven Dodgem Cars
  • Donated to Charity
  • Eaten Chips
  • Explored the Village by Night
  • Failed and Learned from it
  • Fed our Gargoyle
  • Fell off a yacht into VERY cold water and lived
  • Fired Air Rifles
  • Fixed a location by Triangulation
  • Got Covered in Mud
  • Got Covered in Flour
  • Got Hopelessly Lost but recovered
  • Hoisted the Union Jack
  • Held a Balloon Battle
  • Helped each other Harness Up
  • Hitched a Lift on the Police Rib
  • Hunted whilst Blindfolded
  • Invented Ghost Stories
  • Invested new Scouts
  • Joined Ropes with a Sheet Bend
  • Juggled with Fire
  • Jumped the Sweeper
  • Knew the Answers to Some Quiz Questions
  • Laughed at Bad Jokes
  • Learned to use a Compass
  • Learned Pioneering Knots
  • Learned Safe Night Walking on Roads
  • Learned to Put up Tents
  • Made New Friends
  • Made Dough Twists
  • Made Boats Badly
  • Modelled with Sweets
  • Named a Pirate Ship
  • Needed Help
  • Paraded our Flag
  • Played Pioneer Basketball
  • Played Rollerball
  • Played Hunt the Horsebox
  • Queued Quietly
  • Read in Church
  • Represented our Troop
  • Recovered a Body from the Water
  • Revived patients with CPR
  • Sailed a Yacht in the Dark
  • Sat 5m underwater and played frisbee
  • Set up this website
  • Set Up Camp by Torch Light
  • Shared Hot Chocolate
  • Shared a Tent without Falling Out
  • Shot Arrows
  • Soaked our Leaders with Water Pistols
  • Stared at the Sky at Night
  • Threw paper Snowballs
  • Tired Ourselves Out
  • Told Scary Stories
  • Travelled by Torch Light
  • Trusted Each Other
  • Used a Map
  • Voted Fairly
  • Waited Patiently
  • Washed Up
  • Walked a Bearing
  • Worked on Badges
  • Yelled at our Leaders