3D Maze and Boulder Wall

A rather nervous  group of North Fambridge Scouts arrived at 1st Runwell Scout Hut to try out their 3d Maze. We met an equally apprehensive contingent from Bicknacre Priory Scout Group not quite sure what to expect.

The answer is two tall ladders reaching up to doors in the ceiling, the doors being connected by a network of wooden tunnels in the roof space. Somewhere in the middle a small miracle occurs transforming the nervous and apprehensive into triumphant and exhilarated Scouts. It works even better with the lights out, although for some reason Scouts emerge rather sweatier than you might expect!

Scouts awaiting their turn, get to watch and listen to their friends going through the maze courtesy of the strategically placed cameras. This is a bit of a mixed blessing as, once Scouts realise where the cameras are, the inevitable consequence occurs...you just need to know it is a very good thing the stream is not being recorded.

BP leaders fearlessly entered into the spirit of the occasion and disappeared into the void, emerging some time later comparatively unscathed. Thanks guys. As a result NF leader is shamed into following suit...ok, ok....dragged kicking and screaming and dispatched into the nearest tunnel. Wait till we find out who turned the lights out half way round!

Oh and 1st Runwell have a rather splendid boulder wall too....Thanks to them and Bicknacre Priory for a great meeting. If you're looking for a special troop night event this is good stuff!