Scouts - Join the Scout Troop

The Scout Section is for young people aged between 10½ and 14 years.  There is flexibility in the age range:  young people can join from age 10, and can move to Explorers between age 13½ and 14½.

Scouts aims to build and develop young people’s confidence, sense of adventure and outdoor skills, as well as encouraging them to explore their beliefs and attitudes and be creative.  It  offers them the independence to put these skills into practice at camps and even on international trips.

Scouts are encouraged to work together and take the lead on all sorts of projects, from community based work to planning games and activities for their meetings.
The Scout Troop is the third section in the Scout Group, above Beavers and Cubs. Read more here

If you live in or near to North Fambridge and are in the scouting age group then please come and see what we get up to. You just need a sense of adventure, fun and humour and the ability to put up with the leader's bad jokes. They are very bad - you have been warned!