Scout Sailing Trip - A Scout's Eye View

This is the story of our 3 day sailing trip. First of all I would like to thank Adrian, our leader, for organising all of this. On the May bank holiday weekend our scouting group went off on a three day sailing trip. We left at six ‘o’clock to arrive at Ipswich docks at around 7:30. Once we arrived we met one of the crew members, Derek, who would be sailing along with us on the yacht. We had a tour of the boat and immediately we all decided who would sleep where on the yacht. Then eventually we were introduced to our Skipper, also called Adrian, and then another crew member called Adrian, Yep… ANOTHER one. We had a Safety briefing and set sail out of Ipswich Docks and we arrived at Felixstowe docks by midnight. By then all the scouts went to bed besides Chris and I. So we put down the Anchor and finally went to sleep. Luckily this was our only late night. The next day we sailed around the channel to see an island that was declared as its own country, a container ship roundabout, and many other awesome things. That night we stayed in a small river, the Blackwater, just about inland. The next day we sailed to Mersea Island and had many great adventures and then for the last night we stayed in an old kind of town with a dock on it just outside of Felixstowe. On the last morning of our journey we watched a few container ships coming into Felixstowe and unfortunately had to head back into Ipswich docks. But before we left we had one last surprise. We were hoisted up the mast! It was so much fun. We were put in a harness and hoisted up the main mast to look over the whole of Ipswich docks and view the town.

All in all this was the best sailing trip of my life so far and I would really advise to go on the sailing trip again.  A huge thank you to the skipper and mates from Adventures Offshore for putting up with us.

A Very Happy Scout,