Scouts were asked to bring a scary story to contribute to the evening. We intended to sit outside in the dark on the river bank and scare them to death, but in the face of torrential rain and fffffrrrreeeezing cold we retreated to the hall, with lights out and the eerie red glow of the heaters the scene was set.

Strange tales came out featuring crazed murderers, ghostly dogs, long dead children and nice fresh corpses. We had haunted churches and ghostly mansions. Rather oddly we got mixed up with a bread based monster that vomited rainbows and did unspeakable things to the dreams of brownies. Really, don't ask - we have called in specialists to help.

Stories were read out, recited by heart (well done Jacob) and invented on the spot. Shrieks, growls and creaking doors featured on the sound effects list. When confusion reigned we even acted out the events so everyone got the punch line (the hook was on the car door handle, Max). All in all a good evening's work...perhaps next year we'll try it round a camp fire. Come and join us if you dare?